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Slimelight is the longest running dark scene club in the world, as well as one of the most recognised and respected events. The club was founded by Dette Marsh and Mayuan Mak in 1987, and has been located at its current venue “The Electrowerkz” since October of that year. Initially opening as a members only club with just one dance floor playing what was advertised as “the only alternative”, in reality this was a mix of goth, post punk, industrial, new wave, indie, alternative electronic, and crossover 80s music.
Over the years the club has adapted to the ever changing dark scene, and has expanded to include multiple dance floors and performances from live bands. It ran every Saturday until March 2020 when the covid 19 outbreak forced the club to relocate online with our DJs running livestream sets on Twitch. Regular streams still take place when the club is not open.
Since July 2021 when the venue re-opened after the relaxation of covid restrictions the club runs monthly with at least two dance floors set up as follows:-
Floor 1: electro, futurepop, dark techno/electro/trance, aggrotech, tbm, synthpop and so on
Floor 2: goth, industrial, post punk, new wave, 80s, darkwave, old school ebm and so on.
When Slimelight runs additional dance floors these feature one off themes such as a 80s special, a Wax Trax special, a “Retrospective” special, to name just a few examples.
Our current resident DJs are Steve Weeks, Francesca (Blackdeath 1334), Uwe (GassMann), Emmerick Gortz, Calum (Jo The Waiter), and Marco (Jester)
Events are: Regular events
Events are: London
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