I dunno. I was bored and someone was complaining about all the clashes…
Yeah, probably. I’m mostly just guessing really.
Sure! Head on over and let me know
I might have the answer to that! Postcode Search
I hacked the plugin a little bit. Details here

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  1. Hello The Goth Calendar,

    I’m trying to add my band, tried submitting 4 times – but an error keep being displayed “Error: Unable to process request, please try again.”

    Have all the links and description:
    “MATT HART – an industrial musician & DJ. Influenced by early industrial & incorporating modern production alongside edgy¬†electronica & industrial metal. Chaos Rising trilogy (1, 2 & 3 EPs) released between Aug ’17 & November ’18. Debut album TERRA 3808 released Nov ’19. ToT&CR July ’21 (remix album) with some of biggest scene names contributing! Latest release Below The Terra Pt.1 released March ’22. Music in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic icy wasteland.

    With a long list of gigs: Resistanz Festival April ’22, ElektroVox Festival April ’22, Static Darkness Festival Nov ’19, Twisted Firestarter – Infest Festival opening date Aug ’19 plus more, supporting such great acts as Rotersand, Agonize, Funker Vogt, God Module, ESA, Grendel, SITD, Terrolokaust, HORSKH, iVardensphere, Sirus, Straftanz and more.”


    Is there a problem with the upload page?


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