The Memepunks

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Mechanical Cabaret + Dead Audio Saints + The Memepunks

MECHANICAL CABARET: Post-Industrial Synth-Punk from Roi Robertson, together with Stephen J. Bellamy and Tobie Chandler for live shows: Mechanical Cabaret combine edgy, often downright filthy synthesizer experiments with sampled found-sound, off-kilter melodies and a spiky electronic energy, with Roi’s deadpan baritone and sardonic lyrics, delivered with a healthy dose of typically British dark humour. They’ve been provoking audiences for 25 years, where Roi really comes into his own as a dynamic, energetic front-man, playing many headline shows and club gigs over the years, and supported the likes of such musical luminaries as Fad Gadget, Nitzer Ebb, Suicide, DAF, Front 242, […]

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August 9

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