Gothic Christmas Parties!

It’s definitely the season to be jolly, I guess, and we’ve a bunch of Christmas parties lining up to make this a decent looking festive period.

London and the South

The capital is looking pretty busy leading up to New Years Eve with a number of different regular night keeping us up to the small hours.

Over in Exeter we also have Club Embraced – Christmas Resurrection @ The Exeter Arcade on the 10th and in Oxford, we’ve an Intrusion @ Plush on the 18th.

This post is a little too late for some other nights that have been on: New Cross Dark Launch Night ft. M!R!M, Promenade Cinema, Dead & Buried: NO TEARS: Tilly Electronics LIVE,

We’ve a couple of other bands nights happening as well:

The Midlands

In the Midlands, we’ve the Monthly Spellbound Goth Alternative Club in Nottingham at The Old Salutation Inn on the 11th and a night of live music with The Glass House Museum + Down From Above at The Purity Club in Wolverhampton on the 17th.

The North

The North is looking pretty busy!

We’ve also got the The Chameleons 40th Anniversary + Ist Ist + Salvation weekend of shows in Manchester on the 17th and 18th.

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

There doesn’t seem to be anything planned yet, but that probably means it’s just not been posted! Please let us know if there is something going on in these regions!

Online Events

Don’t want to go out? There is the Dark Disco Christmas Quiz on December 27th with music into the evening. There are also rumours that the Sacrilege Team are looking to livestream their Sacrilege Not-Quite-NYE Party event on the 30th. Watch this space!

What about New Years Eve?

Looking for a Gothic New Years Eve bash? Here’s what’s going on!


This is guaranteed to not be everything that’s happing in our Gothic Circles, just what I’ve spotted via trawling the usual places! If something is missing, PLEASE comment with a link to it below, or SUBMIT IT! 🙂

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