2022 is filling up!

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After a flurry of cancellations in December due to the increasing numbers of Omicron infections, 2022 is starting to look like like it’s going to be a full on year of live events! So far I’ve spotted 132 different events in 2022, that’s one in every 2.7 days!


After ploughing through adding a number of tour events, I decided to add a Tours category to try and add a bit more structure to the site. So far we’ve got:

  • The Chameleons: 1st – 19th Feb: Nottingham, Bristol, Brighton, Cambridge, London, Southsea, Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Coventry, Leeds
  • Byronic Sex & Exile: The LS Woman Tour: 20th – 27th February: Bradford, Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, London
  • The Mission: 2 tours for the mission! 27th Feb – 2nd March (Frome, Brighton, Norwich, Cardiff) and 14th – 23rd April – Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, London.
  • Killing Joke: Honour the Fire 2022 28th March – April 9th – Cardiff, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Glasgow, Leeds, London
  • Aurelio Voltaire: 8th – 16th April: Wolverhampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, Manchester, Bristol, London
  • Gene Loves Jezebel: 20th April – 1st May: Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Bedford, London
  • Front 242: 15th – 17th July: Glasgow, London x2
  • Actors: 19th – 23rd October: Glasgow, Manchester, Bedford, London Bristol
  • The Birthday Massacre: 31st October – 12th November: London, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Bristol, London
  • The Cure: 2nd – 12th December: Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, London

If you spot any support acts who get added to these events, please let me know so we can get them added on them.


So far we’ve got Corrosion Fest 2022 in March, Shadow of the Castle 2022 in June, Goth City in it’s new Summer slot in July, V2A Fest 2022 in September and finally Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival in October.

I’m half expecting a few others to appear as well based on some murmurings going around…

As usual, If I’m missing anything, let me know, or go submit it yourself!

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