Bunker 13

Playing industrial, EBM, dark electro and aggrotech since 2006
We have a dress code at Bunker 13 (Goth, Cyber, Alternative).
It is not very strict but it is there to make our customers feel safe and comfortable at our events. Please respect our reasons for enforcing it.
No blue jeans or casual sportswear such as trainers or tracksuits.
If in doubt, wear black! Right of admission reserved.
Bunker 13 is a clubnight that originally started in 2006 at Cert 18 in York. From Cert 18, we moved to The Basement Bar at City Screen, York. After there, we were given the opportunity to start a night at the Whitby Gothic Weekend event where we still are today and are an official fringe event for the weekend.
We are based at the nightclub Raw on Wellington Road and occupy the Friday night.
Event Organisers and DJ’s:
Miss Plastik
Past DJ’s:
DJ Cheeky
Instragram – @bunker13clubnight
Vampire Freaks – vampirefreaks.com/Bunker13
Please note: Bunker 13 is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK (no 2639563). Any unauthorised use of the name BUNKER 13 will result in legal action being taken.
Events are: Irregular
Events are: Leeds
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