Sanctum Sanctorium

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Sanctum Sanctorium – The Darkside of the 80’s

Formed through a mutual love of 80’s goth and alternative rock music. Sanctum Santorium are a live 5-piece band that faithfully recreate classic hits by artists such as The Cult, Killing Joke, Sisters of Mercy, Billy Idol, Bauhaus and many more. Smoke machines at the ready with the clothes and the attitude. Visually and musically, they are startlingly accurate. SS deliver a blistering live set from She Sells Sanctuary and Love like Blood through to Rebel Yell & This Corrosion. Dust down your leather jacket and paint your nails and get ready to be transported to The Dark Side of […]

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August 9

Sanctum Sanctorium + The Liquid Engineers

This Autumn we are delighted to announce our very first bespoke festival – Dark Fest – The Darkside of the 80’s. Sanctum Sanctorium : The Darkside of The 80s play Astoria Wolverhampton Saturday 31st August – Alternative stalls, Clothing, Record Fair, and a guilty pleasure – Special Guests – The rather splended The Liquid Engineers. For all our dark sisters and brothers for a limited time only discounted Early Bird tickets are available: Classic goth and the very best dark eighties indeed!!

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August 31

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