Chaos Bleak

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Chaos Bleak + Moonsleep + Jan Doyle Band

Goth goes back home to the Hallamshire in Sheffield! Well known for its old history of being THE Goth venue in Sheffield and indeed on Thursday nights too!So what better way to return than to have uber gothers Chaos Bleak come and play as part of their Agents of Chaos tour – titled after their new album.Jan Doyle Band, who will on this occasion be taking the opening slot (so don’t be late)! Will be having London based band member Zoe Pussycat making her northern debut, performing several tracks that have never been heard live in Sheffield. She isn’t able […]

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April 18


FLEISCH are a UK Industrial Metal band for fans of Rammstein, Eisbrecher and Lord of the Lost. With ambitions to dominate the worldwide industrial, gothic and electronic music scenes, Fleisch take no prisoners with a visceral sound that batters the listeners ears like the crushing of a thousand skulls. Blending the heaviness and techno elements of heavyweight rockers Rammstein with the 80’s electronic and melodic sensitivities of Depeche Mode, CHAOS BLEAK take inspiration from the early post-punk sound, before The Sisters became the template. What would Play Dead sound like if they formed in 2019? SIOUXSIE SUICIDE play

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November 8

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