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24 March 2023 @ 7:30 pm 11:00 pm

Wolfgang Promotions Present the kind of night you would expect to find Noel Fielding at in London or Berlin:

Entry £8.50 OTD or Ticket £8.80 (with Booking fee)

Punk/Goth/EDM/Industrial/Electronica (This is Bat Country!)

TWIN NOIR – Two Punks and a tape machine, Vinyl Realise party in STBC record shop – TWIN NOIR, that‘s Cody Barcelona (Voice, Guitar, Sound) and Ian Volt (Voice, Bass).The two musicians are artists in the best sense. With TWIN NOIR they go all out: they plan nothing less than to conquer the entire (civilized) world with their sometimes dark, sometimes satirical-dadaistic, but always technoid-melodic sounds. „2 Punks and a Tape Machine“ is the name of their 11-song debut – and their credo.

MATT HART – under the band, expect to hear beats of Industrial, Dark/Harsh Electro and EBM blended together all under the Wastelands of 3808 Man VS Machine, a narrative built on a concept of the year 3808, a post apocalyptic world where the last survivors of humanity fight for survival, against the machine overlords. Both the music and the aesthetic stand out on a stage and the energy brought to a live performance is outstanding. Blending an exquisite mix of the old gods of industrial the legends of harsh electro and the new gods of dark bass. Recently won the highly regarded German magazine Sonic Seducer Battle of the Bands competition (24/02/2022). This industrial artist from London, UK is set to bring you music you want to hear. As a DJ (for this performance) —- you’ll get similar musical genre sounds, definitely beats to make you move.

ISONET – Solo electronica project from musician Thoby Davis formed off the back off live experimental electronica outfits ‘Triamethyst’ and ‘The DMT Experiment’. Isonet’s music covers a wide range of genres and approaches to music making, from live looping, drum machines, sequencers, synthesizers to live vocals and violin but often with a cinematic epic feel that seeks to inspire and uplift audiences and party goers alike. And with a largely improvised musical style Isonet can guarantee that no two performances will ever be the same…

18+ Event 


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