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Vision Video + Twisted Nerve

6 November 2023 @ 7:30 am 10:30 pm

In 2021 Vision Video released their debut LP, Inked in Red, which told the story of lead singer Dusty Gannon (aka TikTok’s “Goth Dad”) and the darkness he saw as a soldier in Afghanistan. This story continues with 2022’s Haunted Hours, which explores Dusty’s experience as a firefighter and paramedic during one of the darkest times in recent history. Working on the frontlines of a deadly pandemic immediately after leaving the horrors of war transformed Dusty’s songwriting resulting in a more accessible album as the subject matter has touched us all.
The theme of Haunted Hours is most clearly illustrated in the lead single “Beautiful Day to Die.” Musically, the track is light and airy with a clear ‘80s Brit Pop influence. Of the lyrics Dusty explains: “I wrote this song about how I had to become friends with the concept of mortality because I was around it so regularly. The shock of seeing bodies becomes more pedestrian, and you’re even able to see beauty in some situations; like when families come together over loss, or the stories people will tell you about the deceased.” Dusty’s real-life experience is again the driving force behind the record, imparting both an authenticity and passion unique to Vision Video’s sound.
Not content to just tell his own story this time around, Dusty draws from the experiences of Vision Video’s new legion of fans, or “Baby Bats,” as they are known in TikTok circles. This new, empathetic approach to writing is fully realized in the title track “Haunted Hours” which channels the true story of a fan’s husband’s untimely passing that was transformed into arguably the most accessible, yet meaningful song the band has written. Dusty reflected on this track – “I wanted to capture the ache of loss, the weight of memory and the appreciation of memory all at once.” This sentiment is realized through the melody of an incredibly catchy chorus that captures loss wrapped in beauty.
The story of Haunted Hours would be incomplete without a discussion of the Goth Dad phenomenon. After experiencing so much pain and suffering first-hand, Dusty threw himself into a character he created on social media to help others deal with their pain, be it the loss we all share from the pandemic, or accepting yourself for who you truly are no matter what other people think. This fervent leverage of the time lockdown provided has been the story of Vision Video, the band used this opportunity to create, build a following, and reach out to the world, letting them know they are not alone. The message resonated, leading to over 600k followers across social media platforms.
Goth Dad is now part of the band, and the love and support provided by the Baby Bats has let the band flourish. Vision Video made a tough decision to not sign to a label and control their own destiny. The Baby Bats have provided the support to make an independent Vision Video successful, allowing them to make another record on their own terms, and the band is forever grateful.
With very special guests Twisted Nerve

19A West Register Street
Edinburgh, EH22AA
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